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5 एसईओ गलतियां जो वेबसाइट को बेहद खतरनाक हैं SEO Mistakes

Google 2019 seo in hindi -

 Today in Google SEO 2019, Google's latest tips forget many online marketers and sellers because a lot of information is outdated and Google makes new changes every day so today, want to tell some great SEO rules. The Google ranks that are sure to be the best part of the best content at the top

Knowing today some SEO mistakes are serious because they can only be done with bad optimization. It is not necessary that the old strategy is to optimize your website for better ranking. You need to take care of some mistakes.

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1.) Bad Website Design: Poor Design Of Your Website blog

This is one of the most prominent and basic mistakes in SEO. You do not want to have poor website design with bad navigation. But with some simple guidelines, it is not very difficult to adjust it, bad design makes you lose lot of USERS, your website should be user-friendly. The user-friendly website is focused SEO and is one of the primary factors of achieving good SEO results. It should be clear, easy to read fonts, clear navigation

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Your website should be responsive, which means that it should run with the right resolution on mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop. If your website is optimizable for all devices, then it is likely that Google will give priority to your website, any kind of flash or Avoid using IFrame. Try not to use Flash, because Apple is known to block Flash on most devices.

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2.) Duplicate Content: Duplicate Content:

Be careful with having duplicate content on different pages of your website. You can include the same content on different pages of your website. Avoid using duplicate and stolen content anywhere in your website. Otherwise you will lose your trust by Google and you will also lose your ranking. Your website may also be blacklist; Using premium theft theft software to check the stolen content Applying a clean and effective content to your website There is a good step towards that.

Copscape is a tool that will help you examine duplicate content and remove duplicate content from your website. Fresh content for your website is always a good and right idea. If you have duplicate content in your website on occasion, you will have to pay a penalty. Your content should be original and trustworthy. Other SEO strategies to avoid duplicate content include the use of Canal Link and no index robot meta tags

3.) Filling keywords: Keyword Stuffing:

Filling of keywords as well as more optimization is quite harmful to your website. Stop filling keywords in your web pages. Excessive use of keywords across your entire content, your site will be penalized. In early 2000, this strategy worked well, and was considered one of the best SEO strategies for ranking. Although this technique is no longer present, many SEOs feel that it is effective. But according to the new Google algorithm, it is also known as keyword stuffing and this is not a good SEO practice. Keyword stuffed content is difficult to read because the main focus is on the keyword and not the whole picture or total concept that makes the meaning of the content on your website compliant and gives low value to your search, resulting in Google Penalty.

Try not to focus on a specific keyword, but use phrases and evenly. Lettering is a good process that can be implemented on your website and Google can do wonders for your website at the SERP. Through the hidden meaningful indexing, you can include keywords that are synonymous with the title of the page. If the page was a classic car, then the search engine would hope to find words related to this subject, or a topic pointing to the content of that page, including keywords such as collector, automobile, bentley, austin and car auctioneer.

4.) Hidden Text: Hidden Text:

Can you really rank your audience with the whole group of keywords without informing or annoying it? This is the concept of hidden text in SEO states. It worked for a while, but only for black hat SEO. Now in this era, using hidden text is nothing but total black hat SEO. With the hidden text you can not achieve anything because search engines will punish you for doing so. The background can be hidden using the same color as the background. This hides it from most human readers. But it is not possible for search engine crawlers.

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